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What is the LANA method?

The LANAmethod is Dr. Feldman's personalized approach to Plastic surgery that she hopes to instill in all of her patients and followers. Dr. Feldman's goal is to provide an integrative and holistic approach to the entire body. While focusing on cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Feldman strives to educate her patients on optimal nutrition and skincare guidance to make sure their results are not only natural but also last. 

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Picking the Right Procedure

Dr. Feldman's consultations focus on listening to the patient in order to understand their aesthetic goals. With each patient, Dr. Feldman strives to educate on their options to pick a treatment plan that will give the best results not only for the present but long-term. 

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Implementing a Skincare Routine

Dr. Feldman strongly believes that optimum aesthetic results start with great skin. That is why part of her practice is working with patients to find the right products and ingredients and establishing a skincare regimen they can easily incorporate into their lives. 

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Prioritizing Nutrition and Exercise

Dr. Feldman avoids the term "diet" and instead focuses on optimizing nutrition. She advocates for a whole food, plant rich diet with healthy proteins that utilize the power of antioxidants. Nutrition is critical not only for overall health, but healing after surgery and skin health. 

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